A map update

Hey folks!  There’s been no new news here for a while, but I know a few of you have been doing things.  I finally got another map update out, of both the Punchwood and 1.8 worlds.  The 1.9 update should be getting closer, and you know what THAT means!

Server back up and running.

The corrupted chunks have been deleted and allowed to regenerate.  Unfortunately, the terrain generation engine has changed significantly enough since the chunks were first created that there’s still a discontinuity in those spots, but the over-all map health seems fine.

We have also upgraded to latest Spigot build, which hopefully has fixed whatever bug might have allowed a few chunks to become corrupted.  I can’t specifically pinpoint Spigot as the source, but the changelog had some entries that looked like this kind of bug might have been fixed.  I’ll try to get an old-world map generated and uploaded in the next couple of days.

Short Service Outage

Hello fellow crafters.  momOfTheMist discovered a few corrupted chunks in the old world, and so the server is down temporarily until the map errors can be repaired.  Fortunately, we’ve got good tools and good backups to fix the damage.  Things should be back up and going later tonight.

In the mean-time, we’ve got a new PW18 map update!

Updated server, and CHANGED voice server port!

Hello fellow miners!

Just a quick update that two changes have happened!  The server software (SpigotMC) and our plugins have been updated!  They include a lot of bugfixes, but otherwise should not cause any major differences.  PLEASE let me know if you spot any bugs!

Second, the Mumble server address and port changed.  Not sure why, but the old one died, and my tech support folks moved us to a new server.  The specifically, the port is now 65448.  You can still use the DNS name: voice.lafes.net.  The Server Information page has been updated with the new information!

Bug-release update of Spigot applied.

Hello again fellow miners!

This is just a quick note to let you know that I finally sat down and figured out how the Spigot build system works, and built the latest version of that server.  This release fixes the enchanting and eating bugs that we noticed with the last build, along with a slew of bugs that we didn’t notice before.

Please let me know if y’all run into any other bugs!

1.8 Plugins are active.

Hello folks.  Lots of info in this update!

The short version is that we’ve migrated to SpigotMC using their latest 1.8 compatible build, and we’ve finally gotten plugins updated to the point that they can work on 1.8.  However, we’re using the latest, bleeding-edge versions of these plugins, and they are not entirely stable.  If you notice anything going on that’s just wrong, please let me know!  I’ve already run into a few bugs, but fortunately they aren’t things that will game play.

The /sethome and /home commands are working again!  PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to /sethome before you use the /home command, or you may experience inconvenience up to and including dying and losing all your stuff.

Punchwood, the older world, is back!  There is a portal at the spawn location of each world that allows you to transition between worlds.  Please note that there’s still only one /home location, and it will pull you across worlds if you use it!

The /warp and /spawn commands are back too!  Currently, the only warp available is PWSpawn, which is the spawn location in Punchwood (PW), the old world.  The /spawn command will take you to the spawn point in P8, the new world!

One known issue that I’ve seen in PW is that many of the nether portals were not lit, or were only partially lit.  I re-lit all the easily accessible ones that I could get to, but if you experience weird behavior, your target portal probably got un-lit.  For distant locations (Atlantis, Guuuuse’s jungle house, etc) you’ll probably want to go there by rail initially to re-light your portals.  You may also have to re-light the other end in the Nether, though I think (maybe?) I got all of those.  This does not seem to be an issue in P8, everything there still looks good as far as I can tell!

P7, or PW17, the newer-than-PW-but-older-than-P8 is not back up and running.  I started off with all three worlds enabled, but it used a significant portion of the server’s available RAM, so I am currently thinking we won’t bring that one back.  If anyone feels strongly about this, please let me know!

I also noticed that the Ender Dragon is back in PWE.  ;)

Phew!  As always, feel free to ask questions or give feedback.  Happy Mining!

Punchwood 1.8 is up and running.

Hello fellow crafters, the new-starting-from-scratch Vanilla 1.8 Punchwood is now up and running!  Don’t worry, the previous worlds are all backed up.

Since we do not currently have plugins, we’re back to a white-list, meaning I have to add members to a list for them to be able to join the server!  Everyone who already had permissions to build is already on the whitelist. If you have any new accounts or friends or relations that you want to be able to join you, please send me a note with their Minecraft account name, and I’ll add them to the list!

As always, please let me know if you have any troubles!


Server upgrade in progress.

Good morning fellow crafters.

Today we will be moving the server to a new, 1.8 vanilla world!  It looks like it may be a little while before plugins become active once again, so we’ll go ahead and upgrade to the latest “Bountiful Update“.  I do recommend you check out all the neat stuff that’s been added to the game!

Our existing worlds are in the process of being backed up.  I will post again here when everything is up and going again!

Also!  We now have a private voice chat server!  Visit the Server Information page for information on how to get set up and connect!  Makes it a lot easier to communicate the raw terror that you feel when you’re running from a crowd of creepers without having to stop and type!  I’ll be connected and available to chat for the whole upgrade process, and playing afterwards!

Server updated. Plugins active. Punchwood is BACK!

Hello friends!

This evening has generated several notable updates:

  1. We have once again updated to Bukkit.  This means that…
  2. Plugins are ACTIVE.  /spawn, /sethome, and /home are all available again.
  3. The /warps are NOT yet active again, just because they need to be re-created.
  4. Punchwood is BACK.  There is a portal near the spawn of each world that will transport you between Punchwood and the new world.

Currently, /spawn will always bring you back to the new world’s spawn (P7).  There is only one /home, so whatever world you last did a /sethome in is the one you’ll /home to.  It is not (currently) per world, but across worlds.  Your inventory is shared between worlds, and is currently only whatever you had on you (and in your ender chest) in the new world.  I will be working on pulling old inventories and ender chest contents into chests for people to recover their belongings from the old world.

This part might be confusing, but feel free to ask questions.  The worlds have “aliases” which you’ll see next to your name in chat.  PW = Punchwood (the old world).  PWN = Punchwood nether.  PWE = Punchwood The End. P7 = the new world.  P7N = The new world’s nether.  P7E = the new worlds end.  Punchwood nether portals go to the punchwood nether, and P7’s nether portals go to P7’s nether as you’d expect.  Same for The End for each world.  It also appears that the ender dragon is again alive in each of The Ends.  :)

I have not extensively tested everything, but have tested most things.  If you spot any problems PLEASE let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix things!

If you have any questions, just comment, and I’ll answer as best I can!