Map Updated

Unfortunately our map doesn’t update itself automatically.  So I have to manually run an update, which I’m currently doing about once a week.  The update just completed over-night last night, and the map is current as of yesterday (10/7) early afternoon.

Hello Punchwood!

Welcome to the brand-spanking-new Punchwood website!

“Punchwood” is the name of our small Minecraft server.  This server was started by myself so that I, my kids, and my friends would have a place to play and collaborate with each other.  Our server is currently open for anyone to come in and take a look around, but being able to manipulate the world requires us to grant permissions, and right now those permissions are being granted on an invite-only basis.

This website will likely stay pretty simple.  The highlights will be the map and whatever posts are put here from our members.  All members of Punchwood are invited to register for an account here, and you will be given posting privileges to this blog and this site, so that you can show off your creations, organize projects, and share your ideas with our small community.