Server really upgraded. Also new map.

The few of you who might actually check this page probably already know this, but I’ll spell it out anyhow!  I have upgraded the amount of RAM available to our server, and it seems to be performing admirably.

Also, the map has now been updated!  You’ll notice there are now fewer versions of it… only keeping the nice lighting and cave views.  This saves a whole buncha space, and makes it possible to update the map in less time.  I never really used night view anyhow!

And finally, there is a new warp!  It is named “NewSpawn”, and though the world’s spawn point hasn’t really moved, this allows us to work and play in new chunks that are all 1.3.1, and so have all the nifty new resources as possibilities.  We’ve already discovered a desert temple!  I haven’t seen a jungle one yet…

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