Updates – Server version – Map – Signs

Hello wood punchers!

There are several server updates to share:

  1. The server has moved up to version 1.4.7.
  2. The Punchwood Map has been updated again.
  3. The map also now has a couple of options for Signs!  The “All Signs” selection will display all of the signs on the map that contain at least some text.  The “Map Markers” option will display only signs that have the first line of the sign set to “[MAP]”.  The text displayed will be lines 2 through 4.  None of these types of signs have been placed yet, but I intend to place a few before the next map update!

Since the last map update, there’s been a fair amount of activity out at The Corner. Check out the new railway station!  Also, the city of Zurich has grown quite a bit.

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