Nether re-set.

Hi folks!  Just a quick note to let you know that I have re-set the nether.  This was mostly so that nether quartz could be harvested without having to travel very far away, and also a little bit in hopes that we would find a nether fortress nearer by than the last couple that we found!

All over-land portals are still in place, and will either link to or create new portals upon passing through them!  This may result in the need to create some portals by hand in the nether to get them to link properly, where we were using them for transportation within a 1km range.  If you need help with this, let me know!

Otherwise, enjoy the now-more-accessible nether quartz!  When I first went through, I could see at least three veins, visible from where I built my Nether-base!

1 thought on “Nether re-set.

  1. Looking forward to some new exploring! I went through last night and gathered up some more stone brick and obsidian that was at reach. I’d forgotten that we’d done a decent amount of building there!

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