Server moved! You DO need to update your connection!

Hello friends!  This last weekend, our server moved to a new host.  We should now have faster disks, and much more RAM than before.  We also have gained a new dedicated IP, so we won’t need to put in a port number any more!  This means you do need to change your connection to our server to get connected!  You will need to remove the port number from the Server Address.

I have updated the DNS for to point to the new server, but that change may take up to a couple of days to propagate out to everyone.  Until that happens, there is a new, backup connection string that will work! also points to the new server!  But by the time you’re readin this, should be good to go.

To update your connection, you will want to launch Minecraft as usual, and click the Multiplayer button. On the server screen, select Punchwood and click the “Edit” button.

Like this.

Like this.

If you’ve still got the old connection info, you’ll see the old port number still on the address line, where it reads “”.  You just need to remove the port number, so it looks like this:

No port number.

No port number.

Once you’ve done that, simply click “Done” and you should be good to connect. I look forward to seeing you on the server!

Also, I apologize for the unfortunately-timed down-time that this website experienced around the same time the server was moving, leaving us high and dry for a way to communicate what was going on to everyone.  If you’re ever unsure why you can’t get on the server, feel free to email me (or text me, if you have my number) and I’ll be happy to let you know what’s happening, and help if I can!

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