A new plan – Server upgraded to 1.7.2

Hello folks! There’s some server news!

First up!  The server has been upgraded to 1.7.2.  The server has also been started over from scratch, TEMPORARILY.  We are running vanilla Minecraft, so I do not yet have the ability yet to install the plugins that will allow me to bring our existing world back.

Soon!  When there is a Craftbukkit build of Minecraft 1.7.2, I will be installing a portal near spawn that will allow us to travel back to our existing map, where all of our existing builds and materials will still be available.  Then we will have the ability to explore and build in both worlds!

Finally! In our brand new world, I did not have the plugins running that keep bad people out.  I logged in today to find some of my things gone, and phallic artwork left behind.  If you have had your build(s) damaged or any items stolen, please let me know and we’ll get it repaired or replaced.  Fortunately for me, the damage was easy to repair and I didn’t have anything of value yet.

I have switched the world to whitelist only, until we get our plugins back.  Everyone who has ever had permissions on our server has already been added to the whitelist, so I don’t anticipate this affecting anyone negatively.  IF you want to bring a new friend to the server, please just let me know and I will add them to the whitelist.  IF you have any problems at all under the new setup, let me know!

Happy Mining!

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