Server migration – the full monty.

Hello again!

It turns out the server migration that was mentioned in the last post was due to a company take-over of our little Minecraft host by a bigger hosting company.  The bigger hosting company decided that they would not abide by the deals the smaller hosting company offered, and raised prices on the services.  Aaaaand, they didn’t bother letting me know in advance.

We are no longer using that company!  We have migrated to a different hosting provider.  The IP address has been updated (again), but if all goes well y’all should never notice a difference.  In the off chance that any of you are trying to connect before the DNS changes (for propagate, you can reach the new server at

I had full and current backups of everything, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the move.  But as ever, if you do notice problems of any sort, please shoot me a message!

This doesn’t affect our ability to use a multi-world plugin and make our prior map available again once Bukkit releases a stable 1.7.2 build.  On that front, we’re still just waiting on Bukkit!

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