Server updated. Plugins active. Punchwood is BACK!

Hello friends!

This evening has generated several notable updates:

  1. We have once again updated to Bukkit.  This means that…
  2. Plugins are ACTIVE.  /spawn, /sethome, and /home are all available again.
  3. The /warps are NOT yet active again, just because they need to be re-created.
  4. Punchwood is BACK.  There is a portal near the spawn of each world that will transport you between Punchwood and the new world.

Currently, /spawn will always bring you back to the new world’s spawn (P7).  There is only one /home, so whatever world you last did a /sethome in is the one you’ll /home to.  It is not (currently) per world, but across worlds.  Your inventory is shared between worlds, and is currently only whatever you had on you (and in your ender chest) in the new world.  I will be working on pulling old inventories and ender chest contents into chests for people to recover their belongings from the old world.

This part might be confusing, but feel free to ask questions.  The worlds have “aliases” which you’ll see next to your name in chat.  PW = Punchwood (the old world).  PWN = Punchwood nether.  PWE = Punchwood The End. P7 = the new world.  P7N = The new world’s nether.  P7E = the new worlds end.  Punchwood nether portals go to the punchwood nether, and P7’s nether portals go to P7’s nether as you’d expect.  Same for The End for each world.  It also appears that the ender dragon is again alive in each of The Ends.  :)

I have not extensively tested everything, but have tested most things.  If you spot any problems PLEASE let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix things!

If you have any questions, just comment, and I’ll answer as best I can!

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