Punchwood 1.8 is up and running.

Hello fellow crafters, the new-starting-from-scratch Vanilla 1.8 Punchwood is now up and running!  Don’t worry, the previous worlds are all backed up.

Since we do not currently have plugins, we’re back to a white-list, meaning I have to add members to a list for them to be able to join the server!  Everyone who already had permissions to build is already on the whitelist. If you have any new accounts or friends or relations that you want to be able to join you, please send me a note with their Minecraft account name, and I’ll add them to the list!

As always, please let me know if you have any troubles!


Server upgrade in progress.

Good morning fellow crafters.

Today we will be moving the server to a new, 1.8 vanilla world!  It looks like it may be a little while before plugins become active once again, so we’ll go ahead and upgrade to the latest “Bountiful Update“.  I do recommend you check out all the neat stuff that’s been added to the game!

Our existing worlds are in the process of being backed up.  I will post again here when everything is up and going again!

Also!  We now have a private voice chat server!  Visit the Server Information page for information on how to get set up and connect!  Makes it a lot easier to communicate the raw terror that you feel when you’re running from a crowd of creepers without having to stop and type!  I’ll be connected and available to chat for the whole upgrade process, and playing afterwards!