1.8 Plugins are active.

Hello folks.  Lots of info in this update!

The short version is that we’ve migrated to SpigotMC using their latest 1.8 compatible build, and we’ve finally gotten plugins updated to the point that they can work on 1.8.  However, we’re using the latest, bleeding-edge versions of these plugins, and they are not entirely stable.  If you notice anything going on that’s just wrong, please let me know!  I’ve already run into a few bugs, but fortunately they aren’t things that will game play.

The /sethome and /home commands are working again!  PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to /sethome before you use the /home command, or you may experience inconvenience up to and including dying and losing all your stuff.

Punchwood, the older world, is back!  There is a portal at the spawn location of each world that allows you to transition between worlds.  Please note that there’s still only one /home location, and it will pull you across worlds if you use it!

The /warp and /spawn commands are back too!  Currently, the only warp available is PWSpawn, which is the spawn location in Punchwood (PW), the old world.  The /spawn command will take you to the spawn point in P8, the new world!

One known issue that I’ve seen in PW is that many of the nether portals were not lit, or were only partially lit.  I re-lit all the easily accessible ones that I could get to, but if you experience weird behavior, your target portal probably got un-lit.  For distant locations (Atlantis, Guuuuse’s jungle house, etc) you’ll probably want to go there by rail initially to re-light your portals.  You may also have to re-light the other end in the Nether, though I think (maybe?) I got all of those.  This does not seem to be an issue in P8, everything there still looks good as far as I can tell!

P7, or PW17, the newer-than-PW-but-older-than-P8 is not back up and running.  I started off with all three worlds enabled, but it used a significant portion of the server’s available RAM, so I am currently thinking we won’t bring that one back.  If anyone feels strongly about this, please let me know!

I also noticed that the Ender Dragon is back in PWE.  ;)

Phew!  As always, feel free to ask questions or give feedback.  Happy Mining!

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  1. momOfTheMist found another bug. Right now the level 30 enchanting option when enchanting an item takes 30 levels, instead of the few advertised by the UI. This bug appears to be fixed in the latest nightly builds of Spigot, so I’ll try to get that updated soon (I’ll leave a comment when I do). Until then, you might want to hold off on any serious enchanting.

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