Continuing map updates and another bugfix

Hey folks.  I’m trying to keep the map up to date, and have been getting a new one generated about every day or two.  Check it out!

Also thanks to momOfTheMist again for finding another permissions bug!  Y’all are once again able to use buckets to gather/place lava.  I also turned off Enderman block damage, so they quit picking up blocks and making holes in the landscape.

Holler if y’all notice anything else!

Map of Punchwood 1.9

Good morning miners!  Good news!  I have posted the first map of Punchwood 1.9.  Since we’re not yet to the place of having multiple worlds up and running again, I am trying to preserve at least a little bit of the sense of discovery that comes with a new vanilla Minecraft, so I haven’t generated the cave view, only the surface.  Enjoy!

Bugfix: Permissions edition

With the change to 1.9 and re-enabling Spigot, I discovered that my old permissions system was no longer usable.  I had to switch to a new permission system, and in the course of that messed up permissions for the nether.  Fortunately, our new member Tubby_Turtles spotted the issue and let me know, and that issue now appears to be fixed!  I also verified that it should work for The End as well.  If y’all spot any other problems, please let me know!

1.9 Performance issues

Hey folks!  Last night we ran into some really bad lag on the server, to the point that it was mostly unplayable.  I was able to verify that the lag was, in fact, coming from the server and not just internet connection issues.  Fortunately, SpigotMC has come up with a release for 1.9, and I installed that last evening and it seems to have made a pretty big difference in the performance of the server.  That said, I was testing with just two people on the server at the time (instead of the four we had earlier yesterday), so this is something we’ll need to keep an eye on.

If you have any more instances of server lag, PLEASE let me know, so that I can take a look.  It is possible that our server host is having issues, so if this change to Spigot doesn’t fix things I’ll open a ticket with their support department.

Happy mining!