Creating an underground village

2016-05-16_09.20.55To my delight, we have encountered an abandoned mineshaft beneath our Sky Palace. There are two zombie spawners down here and so we have decided to create a village.

However, this leatherworker seems to have found his way to one of the spawners. I know the zombies can’t break down this wooden door but it is nerve-wracking to see this guy standing right there.

Maybe he misses being a zombie?


If you want to try your hand at this risky endeavor, let me know and I’ll send you the coordinates.

6 thoughts on “Creating an underground village

  1. Awesome project!

    If you place a sign somewhere in your village that has the lines:

    It’ll show up as a POI automatically when I generate the map. I made one of those for my house, if you want to see how it shows up. It’s the only one on our current map, so far.

  2. I placed a map at the front door of the sky palace. I’m not sure the village is ready for prime time yet. I just got a cleric killed. But I do hope people will visit the palace and the sky bridge.

  3. And there it is! The map update also picked up a bridge I made this morning to make sure I got Bob_Turtles’ horse home safely. He hates it when I accidentally kill his horses.

    I think my cleric may still be alive but went deeper into the mineshaft.

  4. Also, I keep adding doors to try to keep the Leatherworker away. I’m going to build a minecart track with an activator rail to get him and others back to safety.

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