News from the Turtles!

Long time no post! We don’t any good pictures from the new Ice Spire biome that we’re currently building another habitat in, but we did put a roof on the Sky Palace.


Here’s what the Sky Palace looks like from the ground. sky-palace-view

Here’s a view from our Sky Bridge. Note the docking area. This view is from Y 113.


We use those boats to travel to the new village that we found in the northeast of the map. However, when it generated there were all sorts of errors such as incomplete houses. 20160618-incomplete-picture

So we are trying our best to build it up to protect it. Plenty of work to do if you want to join in! bob-building-village

2 thoughts on “News from the Turtles!

  1. Thanks for posting the pics! Looks great.

    The village project sounds fun. I hope it’s incompleteness was purely a Minecraft world-gen thing and not a bug. :P

  2. Do you remember when we were having server troubles caused by my exploration into new lands? I was walking in the vicinity of this village around that time. Is it possible the storage issue may have contributed to that glitch?

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