Server updated to 1.12

Hello fellow miners!  Big news today!

The server has been updated to version 1.12!  There’s a whole lot of new stuff in this new update!

Since world 1.11 never really got off the ground, we are very likely to kill that map and start a new world of 1.12 in its place.  I know the Turtle clan is still active in 1.9, so it makes sense not to replace that world.  We’ll keep classic Punchwood online as usual!

PLEASE let me know if you see any problems, bugs, or any other types of issues!  We’re still at full plugin strength, so also let me know if any of our usual plugin commands change their behavior.

Let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Server updated to 1.12

  1. There were problems with the map for world 1.9, and the map generator software that we were using is currently having compatibility issues with Minecraft 1.12. So for the moment, the 1.9 map doesn’t work. Since I cleared out the old version of the map for updating… we don’t even have the old version. :( As soon as the map building issues are worked out, however, I’ll get another version up and going.

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