Should we upgrade to Minecraft 1.13?

Hello wood punchers!

As you’re probably aware, Minecraft 1.13 has been released.  It is probably the biggest single update to Minecraft since the very early days.

Because of this, upgrading our worlds could be… problematic.  There are numerous known issues with upgrading the world, and there’s a significant risk that our world files could be corrupted, and data permanently lost from them (save whatever I have backed up).  These issues are likely to be reduced over time, to the point where it will one day be safe to upgrade our existing worlds to 1.13.

But this leaves us with a question in the mean-time.  Do we start a brand new 1.13 world, and bring the older worlds back on-line after those world-breaking bugs are fixed?  Or do we postpone upgrading to 1.13 until that time?

What do y’all think?  What’s your vote?  Let me know!

1 thought on “Should we upgrade to Minecraft 1.13?

  1. I would very much like to see the 1.9 world upgraded, but it’s likely best to start from scratch. So, I vote for a new world and look forward to playing in it! I want to explore all the new features. I’ve been playing in a non-server world but it’s not the same.

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