Server upgraded to 1.13.2 – And recovered from downtime.

Hello wood punchers!

Some of you may already be aware we suffered from some pretty bad down-time after Christmas. Our server in the datacenter had an unrecoverable error, and unfortunately our host was keeping most of our backups on that server. They were able to retrieve backups for most stuff from September 2018 and before. We entirely lost our new 1.13 world.

I tried setting up the multiworld plugin so that we could start anew, with our older worlds available for playing… but our multiworld plugin still isn’t entirely stable… so after mucking with it a bit, I canned it. Most other plugins do work!

I have set up a new 1.13.2 world, and we are able to play in that! Starting from scratch again, unfortunately.

I apologize for the loss of our previous 1.13 world. I will attempt to set up offline backups so that we won’t lose that much data again in the future.

If you have any problems or issues, please let me know!

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