Pillagers are awful; Long live the Pillagers!

A big thank you to Lafe for starting the server back up and updating it to 1.14. I am enjoying the new layouts and the new Villagers, but I’ve already lost one village to an Illager patrol! They are some seriously powerful creatures, and Villagers are not safe. 

The village at spawn in this new world is dead. So is another one I found the other day, but died three times trying to fend off the patrols. I have walls around two other villages, and I’m hopeful that we can all work together to keep Villagers alive.

One helpful hint is to have milk with you at all times so you can drink it to remove the Bad Omen curse. If you have that and step into the confines of a village, a raid starts. If the village is not protected with walls, it’s a quick death for the unarmed villagers. One blow from a Vindicator can knock off half of your life. Pillagers can also open doors, so there’s no protection. I’ve yet to see a Golem take on a  Pillager, but one Golem can’t fight off a raid of six to eight Pillagers.

What’s interesting is that when a village is first created, not all of the villagers have professions. They eventually come to take over work spaces. However, if a patrol shows up quickly, they’ll never get there. 

I’m hopeful I can keep my two villages alive and get them to thrive. I hope we can share information our new world and all of the new things in 1.14 and beyond! 

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