Seriously… Pillagers are rough

These guys are just rough. Tonight I thought I would continue to scout the perimeter of the Pillager Outpost, and try to lure some of them away so I could try to get access to the structure itself. I want to know what is in there! Unfortunately, three of them have followed me, and not the two I had thought. That caught me off guard, and I lasted about two or three minutes before they picked me off. I had dug into the side of a riverbank, and tried to escape from the other side. They were too smart for that, and were waiting for me. Somewhere all of my loot is sitting in that space and hopefully I can get back to it at some point.

It was nice, though, to go back to spawn. The other two active players have tried to make the village around spawn their own. There are still no villagers in there, but maybe they can somehow bring them back. Villages are different now, and anything is possible. The game dynamics need to do something to make it easier to rebuild after the pillaging. Below is a picture of how the Mickenzie and Yeo Lin’s place is looking. I may have the spellings of their name wrong.

I was actually glad to get back here in some ways, because I have not been here for a while. I managed to go a long time without dying, and didn’t know how to get back to spawn or the other village I’ve had. I have now walled two villages, and I wanted to see how the first one was shaping up. I managed to make my way over to that location by boat, after narrowly being killed by Zombies that converted to Drowned.

I got to the other Village and….. there’s a horde of six Pillagers waiting to get in. They can’t get through the wall, but they want to. And I want to get into the village, but I’m not sure I have it all secured yet. If there’s a weakness in the wall, the pillagers will get in and they’re all dead. If I have Bad Omen, they’re especially dead, because the raids will get worse and worse and worse until….

Somehow this is fun. I resisted the addition of this dynamic to the game, but it turns out, it’s giving me something to fight for. I really don’t like these Pillagers, and I want to find ways to outsmart them. I would prefer to live in a world where there are no enemies, but that is not the case. I need to prepare for the fight ahead.

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