Server upgraded, and a map!

Hello again wood punchers!

Those fellows at Microsoft have been busy, and another point release of Minecraft has come out. Fortunately the Spigot folks have been busy too, so we’ve upgraded to 1.14.3 now. As always, please let me know if you run into any issues! Particularly if there’s any apparent server lag. Still trying to determine how well the new host is doing.

Also! We’ve got a new map of our 1.14 world. Check it out here. The maps are still a little glitchy, but it’s better than not having one!

Server upgraded to 1.14.2, and moved to a new host!

Hello wood punchers! Big news today. We’ve moved to a new host. Our server with the previous host got moved up to Canada, and there was lots of lag and latency… So we’ve moved. We’re now on MCProHosting, which has a pretty great reputation, and our new server is located in a Virginia data-center, so it should be a fair bit less latency (I get 4ms pings).

But! This also means that we’ve moved servers, and it’s possible that issues will have been created by the move! So if you see anything at all that’s messed up, or not working like you expect, please let me know!

Server upgraded to 1.13.2 – And recovered from downtime.

Hello wood punchers!

Some of you may already be aware we suffered from some pretty bad down-time after Christmas. Our server in the datacenter had an unrecoverable error, and unfortunately our host was keeping most of our backups on that server. They were able to retrieve backups for most stuff from September 2018 and before. We entirely lost our new 1.13 world.

I tried setting up the multiworld plugin so that we could start anew, with our older worlds available for playing… but our multiworld plugin still isn’t entirely stable… so after mucking with it a bit, I canned it. Most other plugins do work!

I have set up a new 1.13.2 world, and we are able to play in that! Starting from scratch again, unfortunately.

I apologize for the loss of our previous 1.13 world. I will attempt to set up offline backups so that we won’t lose that much data again in the future.

If you have any problems or issues, please let me know!

Update to MC version 1.13.1

Hello wood punchers!

There’s a new update to version 1.13.1.  This is a step closer to being able to load up our previous worlds, but we’re not quite there yet.  At least we should be able to load up the world using the latest version of the client!

As always, please let me know if you see any problems or issues in the world.  Happy mining!

Should we upgrade to Minecraft 1.13?

Hello wood punchers!

As you’re probably aware, Minecraft 1.13 has been released.  It is probably the biggest single update to Minecraft since the very early days.

Because of this, upgrading our worlds could be… problematic.  There are numerous known issues with upgrading the world, and there’s a significant risk that our world files could be corrupted, and data permanently lost from them (save whatever I have backed up).  These issues are likely to be reduced over time, to the point where it will one day be safe to upgrade our existing worlds to 1.13.

But this leaves us with a question in the mean-time.  Do we start a brand new 1.13 world, and bring the older worlds back on-line after those world-breaking bugs are fixed?  Or do we postpone upgrading to 1.13 until that time?

What do y’all think?  What’s your vote?  Let me know!

Server updated to MC 1.12.2

Hello wood punchers!  I have finally updated the server to the latest 1.12.2, so the latest Minecraft client will work just fine on the server.  While I was at it, I updated all of our plugins, so we should be on all the latest and greatest now.

As always, please let me know if you spot any problems!  Happy mining and crafting!

Server back up!

The server move should be completed now.  It is possible DNS records will take a little while to update, so both and work as server addresses, and should be giving out the right IP address now.

Please let me know if you experience any issues!

Server down-time

If y’all hadn’t noticed yet, our server is currently down.

It seems our datacenter (in New York) has been under-going lots of support and maintenance headaches.  This has resulted in extended down-time for our server now twice.  It is under-doing a move to a new location, which will hopefully have less (or none!) of these types of incidents.  I am hoping that this move will be completed in the next 24 hours… but I do not have any guarantees that this will be the case.  Once the move is complete, we’ll also have to update the IP address for the server, which may incur some additional DNS delay, though I have that on a pretty short TTL.

We do have some pretty recent backups of the world, so if anything goes wrong, we shouldn’t lose much.  If everything goes right… we won’t lose anything at all!

I will update here as events progress!  Feel free to ask any questions you may have.