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Seriously… Pillagers are rough

These guys are just rough. Tonight I thought I would continue to scout the perimeter of the Pillager Outpost, and try to lure some of them away so I could try to get access to the structure itself. I want to know what is in there! Unfortunately, three of them have followed me, and not the two I had thought. That caught me off guard, and I lasted about two or three minutes before they picked me off. I had dug into the side of a riverbank, and tried to escape from the other side. They were too smart for that, and were waiting for me. Somewhere all of my loot is sitting in that space and hopefully I can get back to it at some point.

It was nice, though, to go back to spawn. The other two active players have tried to make the village around spawn their own. There are still no villagers in there, but maybe they can somehow bring them back. Villages are different now, and anything is possible. The game dynamics need to do something to make it easier to rebuild after the pillaging. Below is a picture of how the Mickenzie and Yeo Lin’s place is looking. I may have the spellings of their name wrong.

I was actually glad to get back here in some ways, because I have not been here for a while. I managed to go a long time without dying, and didn’t know how to get back to spawn or the other village I’ve had. I have now walled two villages, and I wanted to see how the first one was shaping up. I managed to make my way over to that location by boat, after narrowly being killed by Zombies that converted to Drowned.

I got to the other Village and….. there’s a horde of six Pillagers waiting to get in. They can’t get through the wall, but they want to. And I want to get into the village, but I’m not sure I have it all secured yet. If there’s a weakness in the wall, the pillagers will get in and they’re all dead. If I have Bad Omen, they’re especially dead, because the raids will get worse and worse and worse until….

Somehow this is fun. I resisted the addition of this dynamic to the game, but it turns out, it’s giving me something to fight for. I really don’t like these Pillagers, and I want to find ways to outsmart them. I would prefer to live in a world where there are no enemies, but that is not the case. I need to prepare for the fight ahead.

Revenge Against the Pillagers!

I have located a Pillager outpost and I am determined to get to the bottom of why they keep attacking. Perhaps there is some clue. I will have to defeat this scourge, however, and it will not be easy. From this position I could a dozen Pillagers armed with crossbows. I don’t have enough arrows to take them all, and I am going to need to equip myself better in order to take this task on. I have two support shelters nearby and have lured many away from this pack. Thankfully I have not seen any Vindicators yet, and I hope I will not. Yet, if I do, I will not give up until I have been able to strike a vengeful blow against those who attack us indiscriminately.

(this is what I am doing for Father’s Day)

Pillagers are awful; Long live the Pillagers!

A big thank you to Lafe for starting the server back up and updating it to 1.14. I am enjoying the new layouts and the new Villagers, but I’ve already lost one village to an Illager patrol! They are some seriously powerful creatures, and Villagers are not safe. 

The village at spawn in this new world is dead. So is another one I found the other day, but died three times trying to fend off the patrols. I have walls around two other villages, and I’m hopeful that we can all work together to keep Villagers alive.

One helpful hint is to have milk with you at all times so you can drink it to remove the Bad Omen curse. If you have that and step into the confines of a village, a raid starts. If the village is not protected with walls, it’s a quick death for the unarmed villagers. One blow from a Vindicator can knock off half of your life. Pillagers can also open doors, so there’s no protection. I’ve yet to see a Golem take on a  Pillager, but one Golem can’t fight off a raid of six to eight Pillagers.

What’s interesting is that when a village is first created, not all of the villagers have professions. They eventually come to take over work spaces. However, if a patrol shows up quickly, they’ll never get there. 

I’m hopeful I can keep my two villages alive and get them to thrive. I hope we can share information our new world and all of the new things in 1.14 and beyond! 

Another big rail tower

Lately I’ve been filling in the area around spawn and Turtle Base with new construction. That includes building a new railway to connect our other areas. Turns out that Mesa biomes have a lot of gold in them, so it’s been easy to find the material for power rails.

This is a sneak preview. There will be more later. Come on and play!

General update from the Turtles!

Hello Punchwood People! It’s been a long time since we’ve posted anything. We’re in the middle of a campaign to build a sky bridge across as much of the 1.9 world a possible. We’re doing this at Y113 and we’re now beginning to add rail to make a comfortable way to get across the entire land.

We’ve been adding onto the Sky Palace to try to turn it into structure from sea-level to cloud-level. There’s no rhyme or reason to how we’re building this. We are just improvising as best we can. We’d love to have people add on to this monstrosity.

But our quest to connect the entire world via the sky bridge beckons. Here we’re looking towards the sun as we begin a night of laying the bridge to destinations unknown. The exploring is the best part!

This is the location of a new base we’re building along the way. There’s something magical about level 113 and we’re determined to connect the beams that will provide for easier exploration across the world.

And this is our new factory that we’re using to make stone to use as the railway bed. Come join us!

Catching up

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything from our little corner of Punchwood. Recently we found some wolves in a taiga section of the world and brought one of them back to Turtle Town. 2016-08-24_22-33-002016-08-24_22-37-482016-08-24_22-43-232016-08-24_22-28-46

Unfortunately, there was an accident and this poor little wolf died. So, Star Turtles created an appropriate resting place. 2016-08-26_19-36-12

We’ve been fishing a lot lately, too. We built a pier between the base of the Sky Palace and the horse stables. It’s very relaxing.

2016-08-27_13-47-33Finally for this post,we built a shout-out to someone who is very important to us. 2016-09-04_10-16-29


News from the Turtles!

Long time no post! We don’t any good pictures from the new Ice Spire biome that we’re currently building another habitat in, but we did put a roof on the Sky Palace.


Here’s what the Sky Palace looks like from the ground. sky-palace-view

Here’s a view from our Sky Bridge. Note the docking area. This view is from Y 113.


We use those boats to travel to the new village that we found in the northeast of the map. However, when it generated there were all sorts of errors such as incomplete houses. 20160618-incomplete-picture

So we are trying our best to build it up to protect it. Plenty of work to do if you want to join in! bob-building-village

Update on underground village

We can report much success in our quest to convert the abandoned mineshaft into an underground village. Bob_Turtles and I have devised a system of iron doors before each of the three zombie spawners that converted villagers can not pass through. As such they cannot accidentally go say hello to the zombies.

So, now we have four villagers and an iron golem protecting them. Here are two of them hanging out.


They don’t seem to panic underground, which concerns me. I’m hoping to use this experience to learn more about the AI that runs their operations and eventually I want to try to build a way to get them to an above ground village, but that might be easier said than done.

In the meantime, I’m mostly hoping to get a cleric or two so I can trade with them for Ender Pearls. I really want go find a way to get us all to The End.

We’ve not had much time to do much else so far, though we have all kinds of things we want to build in the next few weeks. I’m so fascinated with the idea of making a sustainable community that can get us more items through trading.

I mostly want this guy to have something to protect.


So come join us! We’d love to have you help with our project as long as you can make sure you don’t get anyone killed. The goal is to have the biggest village we can. I want to see how far we can push the limits. Four out of the past four zombie villagers we have reclaimed are alive and well. We got this.

Skeleton Horses!

I had my first experience with skeleton horses and skeleton riders today. I dropped down into the water to swim out for some wood to make sticks for general usage. It was raining, and I spotted a strange looking horse as I swam to shore.

I’ve often heard that lightning strikes can cause strange things to happen. As I was looking at the horse, I realized it was a skeleton. something I’ve never seen before.

And then, lightning struck and suddenly four more horses appeared, each with a skeleton with a glowing purple helmet. They saw me right away and started firing their arrows. There were so many I had to teleport back to my base (thank you for that ability, Lafe!) to survive. From the sky palace, I watched them for a while and thought about trying to keep them, but I don’t like the idea of hostile mobs loose in the Overworld.

So, I took care of them but when the riders were gone, these guys ended up grazing on the round island below the palace. They were both tame as neither through me off, but I have no saddle to control them.


A year into playing this game, I’m still discovering surprises. As the game continues to evolve, I’m sure I’ll have many more. In the meantime, here’s what the sky palace looks like today. It’s going to become much more grand over time.

The Sky Palace

The Sky Palace

Most intense Minecraft experience ever

Well. Trying to create a village underground from zombie villagers isn’t so easy. Trying to keep one alive and develop a system to create new villagers right next to three active zombie spawners has proved to be very difficult indeed. I have now converted five zombies to villagers, and every single one has perished.

This post documents my attempts at number 5.

I have three zombie spawners beneath my sky palace. This is the middle one, and seems to be the only one that is spawning out villagers. They are all behind doors and I run to each one to see if there’s a candidate for conversion. This time there was one as well as two regular zombies. As you know, you can’t convert them. You have to wait for a villager.


Finally, I managed to lure one into the door and I was able to splash him and feed him a golden apple. It took quite a lot of doing, though, because I had to kill the regular zombies without accidentally injuring the candidate in the process. The above picture is when I was able to get him into the room.

Below is just after he converted. For the first time, there was no period of curing. His infection was cured quick.


Unfortunately, though, I had broken the iron door that leads immediately to the spawner. So, they kept spawning and spawning and spawning and getting out. Something about this cleric seemed to make them even hungrier.

I don’t trust villagers with doors because they’re programmed in part to endlessly open them. One of the charms of this game is interacting with these creatures, but this is not an ideal situation for them. If this was in the Overworld, the villager would have fled but somehow it didn’t see a threat.

Previous villagers have taken the exact stance without the wooden fence in place. Others have fled, but something about this current set-up makes them think they are safe.

They are not, despite the smugness this guy shows.


I don’t have any screenshots for what happened next. I knew I had to clear away the zombies that were stacking up and so I tunneled in to get them. But there were so many! They completely overwhelmed me, but I managed to somehow to survive. But, the way I had dug the tunnel was somehow close enough to let them attack the cleric, and I watched as he was reconverted back to a zombie, but a much sadder one because he’d been turned back into a testificate. I quickly went back to my base to see if I had enough for another golden apple, but by the time I got back, he had despawned.

But, I had to take care of something like 20 or 30 zombies that had built up in the tunnel. I’d blocked them off to survive. There were so  many that the sounds began to change and it was pretty intense.

I’m not sure if this is going to work out, but it’s a great project and I’m enjoying the experience even though I’m sad I’ve now lost five and don’t seem to have a plan for how to fix this the next time. But I’m going back in right now to try!

First step, down below to find more gold, and then out into the night to get more spider eyes! I’m going to accomplish what I set out to do!