Seriously… Pillagers are rough

These guys are just rough. Tonight I thought I would continue to scout the perimeter of the Pillager Outpost, and try to lure some of them away so I could try to get access to the structure itself. I want to know what is in there! Unfortunately, three of them have followed me, and not the two I had thought. That caught me off guard, and I lasted about two or three minutes before they picked me off. I had dug into the side of a riverbank, and tried to escape from the other side. They were too smart for that, and were waiting for me. Somewhere all of my loot is sitting in that space and hopefully I can get back to it at some point.

It was nice, though, to go back to spawn. The other two active players have tried to make the village around spawn their own. There are still no villagers in there, but maybe they can somehow bring them back. Villages are different now, and anything is possible. The game dynamics need to do something to make it easier to rebuild after the pillaging. Below is a picture of how the Mickenzie and Yeo Lin’s place is looking. I may have the spellings of their name wrong.

I was actually glad to get back here in some ways, because I have not been here for a while. I managed to go a long time without dying, and didn’t know how to get back to spawn or the other village I’ve had. I have now walled two villages, and I wanted to see how the first one was shaping up. I managed to make my way over to that location by boat, after narrowly being killed by Zombies that converted to Drowned.

I got to the other Village and….. there’s a horde of six Pillagers waiting to get in. They can’t get through the wall, but they want to. And I want to get into the village, but I’m not sure I have it all secured yet. If there’s a weakness in the wall, the pillagers will get in and they’re all dead. If I have Bad Omen, they’re especially dead, because the raids will get worse and worse and worse until….

Somehow this is fun. I resisted the addition of this dynamic to the game, but it turns out, it’s giving me something to fight for. I really don’t like these Pillagers, and I want to find ways to outsmart them. I would prefer to live in a world where there are no enemies, but that is not the case. I need to prepare for the fight ahead.

Revenge Against the Pillagers!

I have located a Pillager outpost and I am determined to get to the bottom of why they keep attacking. Perhaps there is some clue. I will have to defeat this scourge, however, and it will not be easy. From this position I could a dozen Pillagers armed with crossbows. I don’t have enough arrows to take them all, and I am going to need to equip myself better in order to take this task on. I have two support shelters nearby and have lured many away from this pack. Thankfully I have not seen any Vindicators yet, and I hope I will not. Yet, if I do, I will not give up until I have been able to strike a vengeful blow against those who attack us indiscriminately.

(this is what I am doing for Father’s Day)

Pillagers are awful; Long live the Pillagers!

A big thank you to Lafe for starting the server back up and updating it to 1.14. I am enjoying the new layouts and the new Villagers, but I’ve already lost one village to an Illager patrol! They are some seriously powerful creatures, and Villagers are not safe. 

The village at spawn in this new world is dead. So is another one I found the other day, but died three times trying to fend off the patrols. I have walls around two other villages, and I’m hopeful that we can all work together to keep Villagers alive.

One helpful hint is to have milk with you at all times so you can drink it to remove the Bad Omen curse. If you have that and step into the confines of a village, a raid starts. If the village is not protected with walls, it’s a quick death for the unarmed villagers. One blow from a Vindicator can knock off half of your life. Pillagers can also open doors, so there’s no protection. I’ve yet to see a Golem take on a  Pillager, but one Golem can’t fight off a raid of six to eight Pillagers.

What’s interesting is that when a village is first created, not all of the villagers have professions. They eventually come to take over work spaces. However, if a patrol shows up quickly, they’ll never get there. 

I’m hopeful I can keep my two villages alive and get them to thrive. I hope we can share information our new world and all of the new things in 1.14 and beyond! 

Server upgraded to 1.13.2 – And recovered from downtime.

Hello wood punchers!

Some of you may already be aware we suffered from some pretty bad down-time after Christmas. Our server in the datacenter had an unrecoverable error, and unfortunately our host was keeping most of our backups on that server. They were able to retrieve backups for most stuff from September 2018 and before. We entirely lost our new 1.13 world.

I tried setting up the multiworld plugin so that we could start anew, with our older worlds available for playing… but our multiworld plugin still isn’t entirely stable… so after mucking with it a bit, I canned it. Most other plugins do work!

I have set up a new 1.13.2 world, and we are able to play in that! Starting from scratch again, unfortunately.

I apologize for the loss of our previous 1.13 world. I will attempt to set up offline backups so that we won’t lose that much data again in the future.

If you have any problems or issues, please let me know!

Should we upgrade to Minecraft 1.13?

Hello wood punchers!

As you’re probably aware, Minecraft 1.13 has been released.  It is probably the biggest single update to Minecraft since the very early days.

Because of this, upgrading our worlds could be… problematic.  There are numerous known issues with upgrading the world, and there’s a significant risk that our world files could be corrupted, and data permanently lost from them (save whatever I have backed up).  These issues are likely to be reduced over time, to the point where it will one day be safe to upgrade our existing worlds to 1.13.

But this leaves us with a question in the mean-time.  Do we start a brand new 1.13 world, and bring the older worlds back on-line after those world-breaking bugs are fixed?  Or do we postpone upgrading to 1.13 until that time?

What do y’all think?  What’s your vote?  Let me know!

Server updated to MC 1.12.2

Hello wood punchers!  I have finally updated the server to the latest 1.12.2, so the latest Minecraft client will work just fine on the server.  While I was at it, I updated all of our plugins, so we should be on all the latest and greatest now.

As always, please let me know if you spot any problems!  Happy mining and crafting!

New world for version 1.11 added!

Hello fellow miners!

I have created a new world for version 1.11.  The world is nominally called “Punchwood 1.11”, and the alias in game will be P1.

There are portals at the /spawn point of each world for transferring between worlds.  Your /sethome and /home commands will work fine, and will transfer you across worlds.  You can still only have one /home… and you’ll always go to it regardless of what world you’re in when you use the command.  The /spawn command will always bring you back to spawn of world Punchwood 1.9 (P9) for now.

There’s a new map now for Punchwood 1.11 (P1)!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or problems!

Server updated! Old world is back!

Hello friends!

I have updated the server to version 1.11, and have re-enabled our multi-world plugin, so the old world, Punchwood, is once again available!  I have re-added the link to that world’s map in our menu above.

I am thinking about how we might want to start a new world.  We have a couple of options…

  1. We can archive off PW19 (the current “new” world) and start a new world (PW11) fresh, while keeping our portals back to Punchwood.
  2. We can keep PW19 around, and also start a new world, and have all three worlds available.
  3. We can not start a new world for version 1.11 at all, and just keep PW19 and Punchwood.

What do y’all think?  Let me know!

Updated to Minecraft version 1.10

Hello fellow miners!

I have updated the server to version 1.10.  The changelog has info on all the new goodies in the new version.

This version seems pretty incremental, and the new block types don’t seem generally limited to only new chunks… so we won’t reset the world for this one.  :)  We’ll continue with the name PW19 for the world, and still keep 1.9 on the maps.

As always, please let me know if you spot any problems at all!