Punchwood Rules

Because of the invite-only nature of our user-base, I don’t anticipate a need for a great deal of detail on this page.  You’ll either get it, or you won’t, and if you don’t, you’re not right for Punchwood.

However!  Some folks will be new to Minecraft in general, as well as our server in particular, so I’ll give a broad outline of the type of conduct we expect as well as general good etiquette in multi-player Minecraft.

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
    • Treat all people with respect.
    • If you have a disagreement or a problem with someone, talk it out like grownups.
    • If you still can’t work out your differences, agree to disagree and figure out how to coexist.
  2. If it is not yours, and it was gathered, planted, or placed by another player, do not take it.
    • Seriously, don’t steal.  If there is not some sign or communication that clearly and unequivocally states that you may take a resource, item, pet, plant, or whatever… then you may not take it.
    • This only applies to player gathered/planted/placed items.  Loot in dungeons or other structures is, of course, fair game!
    • Found a chest full of diamonds in a shack on top of a mountain?  But there’s no sign saying they’re free for taking?  Walk away.
    • There is logging in place that allows the server admin to determine who took what, and when.  All complaints will be investigated, and appropriate action taken.
  3. Don’t mess with other people’s constructions.
    • You should never mess with someone’s house or project or art without their express approval and/or invitation.
    • Similarly, don’t dig a giant cavern under someone else’s house or project, nor cover it with a dome, nor other impacting activities on or around their stuff. Trying to “skirt” the rules and be a jerk (see rule 1) won’t be tolerated.
    • The Minecraft world is enormous. There is plenty of elbow room.  Feel free to use it!
    • Uh oh, a creeper exploded while I was looking at your castle!  Now there’s a crater! — This has happened to pretty much all of us.  Fix it if you can! If you can’t fix it, at least help with replacing the resources it’ll take to fix it.  Sometimes you can’t even do that… at least let the person know what happened!  (And do be on the lookout for creepers.)
    • Community areas that are clearly and explicitly designated as such, in game or on the blog, are open to improvements from everyone!  The most obvious example of this is our server’s spawn location.  Outside the “protection zone” of spawn, feel free to set up improvements for the help and direction of other players!
    • Projects that have invited help are obviously open to all, and are part of the fun of collaborative Minecraft!  If there’s a plan posted somewhere, or a clear direction, the person in charge of the project is in charge of the project!  Don’t try to de-rail or in other ways harm it.  Again, there’s tons of room, if you don’t like how it’s going, start your own project!
  4. To claim land, build on it.
    • If you want to claim an area as your own for building a project, house, plantation, whatever… build on it.
    • Fencing or walling an area in is sufficient to claim it.  Signs are also nice.
    • Digging a giant moat around an area is sufficient.
    • Placing torches around an area is not sufficient.
    • Placing a sign and no other construction is not sufficient.
  5. Don’t set up traps to kill players by surprise.
    • If you build a button with a sign over it that says “Don’t press this button, or you will die.” and a player presses the button, and dies, we’ll all have a good laugh.
    • If you build a trap for monsters and it’s clearly obvious that it’s for monsters and there’s no danger of a person mistaking it for anything other than a monster trap, we’re cool.
    • If you booby-trap your own home, or set up a “dungeon” for “adventurers” to get through (which is something I totally want to do), you must put signs or other obvious notification that players are entering an un-safe area, from all reasonable approaches.  Don’t be subtle.
    • If you build a trap that is not obvious and/or protected, for the purpose of killing players without them having any idea what’s about to happen, you’ll be in big trouble.

The gist here is obvious!  Any person behaving with respect towards each other and the server will have no problem following this gist.  If you’re in doubt whether something you want to do is allowed, just ask!

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