Server Information

Connection Information:

Server address:
Server mode: Survival Multiplayer (SMP)
Server version: 1.15.2
Server mods: SpigotMC
Voice server:

General Information

We use a couple of mods to make server administration easier, and one of them enables a couple of types of “warping” for our players.

Any player may use the special command “/spawn” in chat, and it will return you to the world’s spawn point.

Authorized players (anyone with build permissions) may also set a home point by using the command “/sethome“.  Once that has been done, you may return to that point at any time using the command “/home“.  Please note that this does not reset your spawn point.  Sleeping in a bed at night will change where you re-spawn upon death.

Voice Server

If you wish to connect to our voice server, you’ll need the Discord App.  Download the version for your computer or your mobile device, and click the Voice server link above!

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